Assembly Rooms


Assembly Rooms

The cars hurtle past you, turning into the Woodcote corner at such speed they are almost sideways, heading up the chicane right in front of your eyes. Great skill is required to navigate the turning and provides thrilling spectator action. An exclusive club atmosphere with a lovely garden area, it is a great place to soak up the atmosphere with unallocated and informal seating along with a variety of eating and drinking choices.

Relax and enjoy the social atmosphere and music of the venue 'where your parents met' with informal, unallocated seats. A base from which to enjoy trackside viewing, Woodcote Grandstand seats, Emporium fashion shows and Betty's Salon demonstrations.  

This exclusive club is seen in many pictures during the renowned historic racing days at Goodwood and is situated right at the edge of the track, with dedicated Woodcote Grandstand seats. 

Remarkable 1950s building with a thrilling vantage point by entry to Woodcote corner, one of the fastest on the circuit.