Agreed Value Insurance

Classic Car Agreed Value Insurance

Get an agreed value insurance policy on any classic, modern or modified vehicle

Goodwood Classic Solutions can provide you with an Agreed Value policy on any classic, modern (vehicles over two years old) or modified vehicle. It is important to consider an agreed valuation as in some cases, for example, with a recent restoration or upgrade, the listed market value may not reflect the true value that could be reached if you were to sell the vehicle.

For an agreed valuation to be approved, customers are required to supply several photographs and receipts for parts and labour which provide evidence of any improvement, upgrade or restoration work undertaken on the vehicle. Whilst this applies to both classic or modified cars, for car insurance the types of modifications and classic models are likely to vary.

The purpose of evidence is to ensure accuracy in selecting the sum assured against modified parts, or model type, that brings value to your classic or modified vehicle. As your vehicle is likely to be unique, it’s important to ensure your policy recognises its full worth.

Varying between insurers, evidence typically includes:

Photos of your car

Insurers will specify the kinds of photographic evidence required, and the shots necessary to evaluate your vehicle’s true value – this may involve photos of the interior, exterior, engine, and other modifications.

Bills of recent / existing work

It’s essential to support the value of your vehicle through authentic receipts of work that directly express worth of labour/parts. This will also help to indicate the kinds of unique works that have been applied to your car.

An evaluation from an accredited expert

A paid inspection that captures, beyond photography, the worth of your vehicle – from an independent, accredited expert.

Goodwood Road Racing Club discount

Members and Fellows of the Goodwood Road Racing Club can receive up to 15% off your quote.

Goodwood Road Racing Club discount

Members and Fellows of the Goodwood Road Racing Club can take advantage of up to 15% off your quote.


If you choose to insure with an Agreed Value benefit applied to your policy and your car is, unfortunately, subject to a total loss, then any offer made will be based on the Agreed Value, rather than a current market price valuation.

Unlike conventional, blanket-style policies, an Agreed Value certificate is designed to recognise and control the true value of your classic or modified car. Not every policy will capture the full worth of your vehicle, and conventional insurances can feel underwhelming in safeguarding any classic or modified car. If you’ve invested in your vehicle to withstand depreciation, then you’ll need a policy to help keep a record of its value.

Technical or cosmetic modifications can transform not only the look and feel of your modified car, but the value will increase too. Your car isn’t standard, so how can a conventional insurance policy cover it? With a modified car, it’s imperative your Agreed Value certificate captures all of the changes to your vehicle and evidences the value of that work. Anything missing from that checklist and your vehicle is at risk in the scenario of misfortune.

For Classic Cars

Unlike modified cars, which gain value from new parts, a classic car is likely to increase its worth depending on its level of heritage, its working condition, and its pedigree. If you own a classic car that is above the average market value because of its rarity or condition, then an Agreed Value policy can help safeguard your collectible.

This applies to heritage, collectibles, and other classics, as an Agreed Value certificate will transform your policy from standard insurance into a more bespoke item that captures value hidden in the detail of your vehicle.

Find a Policy For You

If you’re finding it hard to get a policy that fits your vehicle’s true worth, or just want that added confidence that your classic car is taken care of, get in touch with us today. Once the relevant evidence has been easily submitted to the team, we’ll review and, if approved, we will send you an Agreed Value certificate.

We only debit the payment when you return the fully completed Agreed Value application to us.

If you would like to talk to the team about an Agreed Value policy please call 01243 913333 or click on Get a Quote for an instant online quotation or use our web call back service.

Goodwood Classic Solutions offer online personalised quotes accounting for the agreed value, limited mileage, salvage retention policies and modification cover for over 2 million classic cars that are on the road today. You can also get cover for your other vehicles, with policies available for your daily drives, commercial vehicles, and everything in-between.