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OCT 26th 2017
Erin Baker

Erin Baker

Erin Baker: Should we have to shoulder the London T‑Charge?

Thanks to London’s new T charge, it may well cost you £21 to drive your car into your capital city from now on. Just over 34,000 cars  those registered before 2006 and therefore not able to meet Euro IV emissions regulations - will be subject to the £10 “toxicity” levy, which is paid on top of the £11.50 congestion charge. Ouch. 


Erin Baker

A former Motoring Editor at the Telegraph, Erin Baker combines a bike licence and race licence with a love of high-speed cars and penchant for embarrassingly low-speed crashes. Now she has two sons, she’s largely put her leathers to one side, preferring the cut and thrust of automotive industry debates and wondering which cars have Isofix…

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