JAN 04th 2016

Mystery Monday – Alexander Mankowsky: 'It's All About Transformation'

Mystery MondayBorn in Berlin in 1957, Alexander Mankowsky studied Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology at the Free University of Berlin and graduated 1984 in Social Science. After four years in social services, he decided to take further education as ‘Knowledge Engineer’ at the “Gesellschaft für neue Berufe GNB” (co-founded by Daimler-Benz AG, as it was known at that time, for the implementation of ‘Artificial Intelligence’). Since 1989 Alexander Mankowsky has worked in the research unit at Daimler AG. Initially he focused on artificial intelligence, implementing expert systems, and discovering new opportunities in the market and researching of the automobile spirit of the time. This led him in 2001 to his current field of work – ‘Futures Studies & Ideation’. Alexander Mankowsky does Futures Studies with a strong component of Ideation. He is embedded in Daimler’s rich and diverse creative network.

Transformation is a buzz word today, same as disruption. But if you look into the history of human civilization, you will find a true and proven ‘change agent’ – the automobile. The mass motorization changed everything, from housing, leisure time, work, transportation up to agriculture and manufacturing.


In this decade we will witness the transformation of the change agent itself – the automobile is transforming into something new and unheard of. It will become the center of attraction in the upcoming post digital age. Another buzz word: Post Digital? Post Digital means that the digital realm and the physical realm are about to merge into something absolutely new.

Take the autonomous car as beacon into the Post Digital future: it is the most visible of these new artifacts.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

At Mercedes-Benz we are of course not only witnessing the transformation, but running in the forefront, leading the way into the future of autonomous driving. Naturally, in the networked world of today we are not the only ones working on ‘Post Digital’. But we think that we can contribute in a very specific way: using our talents to implement automation in a practical and beautiful way, creating desirable solutions in the Mercedes-Benz tradition.

Many people ask about the time horizon of automated driving. The answer is: it has already started – just look at the new E-Class. This car will be partially autonomous with the next level of Intelligent Drive. The system allows the highest degree of automation yet on the market, which can always and at any time be overridden by the driver if he wants to. One example is the Remote Parking Pilot – via an app you can steer your car in and out of a tight parking space. As a matter of fact, we have started it more than two years ago and there is more to come.

Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

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