OCT 07th 2013


‘I originally wanted a Pininfarina Flaminia…but then I saw the Touring-bodied car’ Bob Barry explained as he plotted his route home from Breakfast Club. Bob’s Flaminia is a very original car indeed, and one which he’s proud to say still covers two to three thousand miles every year.

Having opted for the ‘Touring’ bodywork, he had to spend longer saving up but it was worth it. ‘It’s so lovely to drive. So well-balanced and smooth’ he enthused. ‘Of course when I got it home and it wouldn’t start the wife muttered something about a new kitchen, and usually referred to it as “that thing in the garage”…’

In such original order, a restoration is completely out of the question for Bob. ‘Merely to keep the maintenance up to snuff’ he added, ‘and apart from that just leave it alone.’

Great car. Oh and by the way Bob’s lady wife got her kitchen in due course!

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