OCT 08th 2014

Breakfast Club gallery: Hot hatches... the modern era

Modern era hot hatches, which for the purposes of this gallery are roughly 2000 onwards, dominated the Hot Hatch Breakfast Club… at least in terms of outright numbers. Lots of classic hot hatch marques feature: Ford, Volkswagen and Renault had all been doing this stuff for decades before the turn of the millennium.

But the genre has evolved. Premium brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz found themselves with hatchbacks in their ranges, and the inevitable quick versions mean they now offer hot hatches – of sorts – almost by default. Even the Subaru Impreza swapped its notchback for a hatch, while the likes of the Nissan Juke Nismo stretch the definition further still.

It was a modern hot hatch that we turned up to Breakfast Club in. You can read more about the Renaultsport Megane we used for the event on GRR soon…

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Hot hatch breakfast club

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