OCT 21st 2014

'Vee‑Powered' Breakfast Club is filling up fast!

It’s not long to go until the first ever Vee-Power Breakfast Club when the Motor Circuit will host everything from V-twin motorcycles to V16 Cadillacs. At least we hope so… being such a wide open theme, we’re expecting a diverse selection of machinery; motorcycles, sports cars, supercars, saloons, old and new, because the Vee-Power theme crosses almost all genres. (So is there anyone out there with a V16 Cadillac to bring along?)

Notable cars already on the list of entrants include everything from a Morgan 3 Wheeler to a 1974 Australian Ford Falcon, a Ferrari Superamerica to a Maserati Merak SS. Of course, the free-wheeling nature of Breakfast Club means we can’t guarantee anyone will get up in time to make it on the day, but there’s enough fantastic machinery on the list to make sure we set our alarm clock. Hopefully the driver of the Koenigsegg CXX will be doing the same…

As ever, the Breakfast Club is free to attend whether you bring a themed vehicle or not. However, if you want to drive into the circuit to display your car, you’ll need to apply here. Applications close on 30th October and it will help your application if you include a photo of your car or motorcycle, too.

If you don’t have a Vee-Powered car, then there’s plenty of free parking across the road and we’d love to see you on the day.

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