MAY 05th 2014

Rolls‑Royce celebrates historic day with a 'Full English' Breakfast

Phantom, Wraith and Ghost add to Sunday’s spectacle


With the world’s greatest luxury car maker just a hop over the fence from the Goodwood Estate, it’s quite handy on days like Supercar Sunday.

A quick phone call is all that’s required, and a trio of Rolls’ finest motorcars is placed immediately at the GRR team’s beck and call. We insist on having them finely polished, fuelled, and pre-warmed for our 6am start, then make stately progress to our reserved spaces at the front of the grid. Frankly, it’s the only way to do Breakfast Club.

Well, OK…

It doesn’t work quite like that.

When Charles Rolls met Henry Royce

What ho! Charles...

What ho, Charles!

Supercar Sunday this weekend happened to coincide with an important anniversary for our friends over the fence. On May 4th 110 years ago, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met for the first time and agreed to form their eponymous company.

We were proud to play a small part in events to mark that momentous occasion (there was also a celebratory lunch at Manchester’s Midland Hotel where the illustrious pair were introduced), and gladly offered up three prime Supercar Sunday grid positions for a trio of Rolls models.

We did insist on ‘helping’ the factory team ferry the cars over, as even at 6am the chance to drive a Rolls is a bit of a thrill. We bagged the fabulous powder-blue ‘Alpine Eagle’ series Ghost, with its blacked alloy wheels and unique interior embellishments marking last year’s re-enactment of the 1913 Alpine Trial – although we’d have been just as happy to jump behind the wheel of the magnificently opulent Phantom Coupe or Wraith that followed us into the circuit.

I say, Henry!

I say, Henry!

It was great to see Supercar Sunday visitors enjoying the Rolls-Royce line-up too, especially as an ‘open doors’ policy meant anyone could jump in to enjoy the marque’s craftsmanship and unique style, and chat to some of the team responsible for creating the cars.

We’re already wondering about our chariots of choice for the next Breakfast Club. A pair of Phantom Dropheads would be just the ticket for Soft-Top Sunday…

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