JUN 03rd 2014

Soft Top Sunday: Post‑war gallery

More pictures from our record breaking Soft Top Sunday; post-war cars this time, and just about every marque was represented. Alfa Romeos rubbed shoulders with Aston Martins, Ferraris with Fiats, and Peugeots with Paganis… There were also a number of impressive replica cars including some Cobra reproductions, and a particularly impressive evocation of an Aston Martin DBR1/2.

A few Mercedes Benzes caught our eye, including a 230SL and a 220SE, both of which looked ready to do an extended tour of the Cote D’Azur in style, and nearby was one of a pair of BMW Z8s in attendance which had completed no fewer than three Gumball Rallies.

On the main grid attention was split between such diverse toys as a  Pagani Zonda, a BMW Isetta, a ’79 Trans Am (complete with ‘screaming chicken’ on the bonnet), a Ford Sunliner, a very early Lotus Seven, and a Renault 4CV, whilst in the paddock area a Fiat Dino Spyder was scoring big pretty-points. Also spotted in the paddock were a bevvy of Caterhams, Ferraris, Jaguars, and seemingly an example of just about every popular soft-topped car made since the war.

It was a mightily-impressive turnout, and everyone who contributed should be proud. We’ll see you again at Thoroughbred Sunday on August 3rd!



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