OCT 04th 2015

Gallery: Rolls‑Royce Dawn makes UK Debut at Goodwood Breakfast Club

The truth is that we knew it was coming, but had been sworn to secrecy! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, visitors to today’s Vee-Power Breakfast Club will be the first members of the public to see the latest offering from our friends just over the road at Rolls-Royce; the Dawn.


In fact this is the first time the car will be seen in public since its unveiling at Frankfurt last month and seeing it up close confirms what the images from Germany suggested, which is that this is a very handsome ragtop indeed. Lopping off the roof somehow makes the car feel slightly smaller than the Wraith, whose platform it shares. We begged for a go, but unfortunately this is the actual prototype model and so any motoring journalists hoping that their first experience of the Dawn will happen in this car will be disappointed. Not that it’s going to be destroyed at some point. It will, in fact, remain forever in Rolls-Royce’s possession. 


Based on the Wraith platform, but with the slightly less-powerful Ghost version of the 6.6 litre V12, the car stunned early arrivers as it cut through the mist that surrounded Goodwood just before the sun made its presence felt. Surprisingly, the majority of the body panels are new and we think you’ll agree that the car looks almost as good with the roof up as it does down. If you get your order in sharpish you might be able to take delivery of one around springtime next year. 

As for GRR, lets just say that we’re positioning ourselves in the queue for a test drive …


Photography: Tom Shaxson

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