OCT 04th 2015

Gallery: Vee‑Power Sunday – The Italians

Ah, the Italians… Somehow their supercars manage to cause more jaws to drop than any other nation, wouldn’t you say? Drive any number of supercars through the Goodwood paddock and the crowd here will show its appreciation in some way, but if you want to see ultimate car-nut fawning then wait until you see something like a Lamborghini Diablo SV Roadster roll up and take its place.

It isn’t all about the supercars though. Lancia has employed narrow-angle vee engine technology on a couple of occasions and we were treated to the sight of at least two Fulvias (one an HF) and the super-rare Lancia Lambda we looked at in more detail recently. Also there were even a couple of examples of the Italians mixing their flair for style with American power in the form of a De Tomaso Pantera and an Iso Rivolta. 

There was an example here of just about everything. Our choice? It’s a very tough call, but we’d just about go for the silver Fulvia HF. You?


Photography: Tom Shaxson


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