NOV 01st 2015

'Bahn Stormer Gallery: The Mercedes‑Benzes

Chief among the attendees at today’s Breakfast Club is the fast German stuff: BMW M cars, RS Audis, AMG Mercedes-Benzes and Porsches. There are far too many to lump together in one gallery so we thought we’d divide them into four separate posts.

BTCC Famous 5 Promo

The famous three-pointed star from Stuttgart is celebrated here. Mercedes-Benz‘s contribution to the world of performance cars must surely be up there with the very best. We prayed that a CLK GTR would turn up, but perhaps we expected too much given the pretty shocking levels of visibility on the roads in this part of the world today?

Regardless of this, to say that fast Benzes were well represented would be an acute understatement. Take a look for yourself …

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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