JUN 07th 2015

Mega Gallery: Soft Top Sunday ‑ Part 3

Welcome back for part three of our Soft-Top Sunday gallery. As we put this one together some of the cars are leaving early to get a lead on the traffic and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day, but there are still hundreds here. In fact, if we didn’t have to go home some probably still be here this evening, ordering pizzas …

We rarely pick out individual cars for attention at a Breakfast club, but on this occasion we feel as though we should point out the oldest car to have made the journey to Goodwood, and that’s Rob Gill’s 1910 Overland (main picture). ‘Actually it’s a 1911 model which was built in 1910’ he tell us, pointing out that the 1910 model apparently didn’t have doors. ‘It’s around 3,200cc and produces something like 25hp.’ Inevitably, we ask how fast it can go. ‘Don’t know!’ comes the emphatic reply. ‘I can’t go flat out because you can’t hold on to it! About 45mph is fast enough …’ with wooden wheels, paraffin lamps, a central throttle pedal and a two-speed epicyclic gearbox we can imagine it presents one or two challenges in keeping up with modern traffic. But what a thing!

It’s been another hugely successful Soft Top Sunday. Again, we have to thank everybody that turned up to make the event what it is – especially those who went to the trouble of registering and bringing along their cars – we salute you!

See you at Thoroughbred Sunday in August.


 Photography by Ben Miles

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