AUG 02nd 2015

Thoroughbred Sunday mega‑gallery ‑ part 3

The final part of our coverage of Thoroughbred Sunday comes with some of the cars beginning to make their way home after a brilliant morning at Breakfast Club.

Thoroughbred Sunday Shelby Daytona promo

While we don’t wish to focus on any particular cars too much, we feel GRR must highlight a rather special blue machine that arrived half-way through the morning with Tony and Jan Snow at the wheel.

It is, of course, the unmistakable figure of a Ford Model T, the world’s first mass-produced car.

This is a 1912 example, one which Tony came to own eight-years ago, after hankering after the T for most of his life. Tony, a firm Ford fanatic, found the car as it was working on a farm in Britain after being brought over from Canada 30-years ago.

Since then Tony has been painstakingly restoring the T to its original condition, starting with the body, which had suffered after many years of farm work, and moving onto the seats and interior.

‘I have all the components for the roof at home,’ Tony tells us. ‘I will be putting that together soon before I move onto the seats. Sadly you can’t find many original seats so I will have to build them myself I think.

‘It’s just so fantastic, we only take it on country lanes so even though it can only do around 45mph it’s not really any slower than taking a modern car. We did nearly 3,000-miles in it last year.’

Tony tells us that parts for a Model T are surprisingly easy to find in 2015, thanks to a large and dedicated group of enthusiasts keeping these wonderful machines going.

While the car is insured for several times what he paid for it, is there a a price that Tony would be willing to part with it for? ‘Oh no,’ he says. ‘I just love it so much. At one point I thought about selling it as it was taking so long to restore, but Jan said to me “Tony, it brings us so much joy, it is worth it” and she was absolutely right.

‘I know we’re only custodians of these machines, but I just couldn’t part with it, and, since it is priceless to me, it is worthless, as there’s no price I would be willing to accept to part with it.

‘I never thought I would be able to own one, and now I do it’s just a dream come true.’

Photography by Tom Shaxson.

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