When Goodwood became a bus depot

02nd October 2022
Ben Miles

One of the good things about Anything But The Car Sunday is that a lot of the vehicles that aren’t cars, are also a lot bigger than cars. That means our displays can look all the more impressive.


Some of the biggest are the fleet of buses of various varieties that have filled the paddocks and parts of the track at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. We won’t pretend here that we at GRR know anything about buses, but actually, even the most standard of buses is really rather cool up close.

And, what we had at Goodwood today represented most of the history of the omnibus. From modern double deckers, through the 1990s style Stagecoaches that many of the GRR team (millennials all) took to school. There’s even a proper tourists open-topped bus here, although weather today would make a trip in it interesting.

Photography by James Lynch.

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