OCT 10th 2014

Hillclimb Highlight: Renault versus Bugatti ‑ flint wall overtake (video)

The flint wall has been a formidable foe to many a Festival of Speed competitor; attack the hill at speed and the wall seems to appear directly ahead of you as you exit the preceding corner. That’s assuming you’ve already made it through the notoriously tricky Molecomb corner.

But if you’re driving a 1906 Renault Type K, one of the oldest cars at 2014’s event, the speeds involved are a little lower… Low enough, in  fact, that you may even be caught by the hard-charging supercharged Bugatti Type 35 that set off behind.

(You might want to keep watching, too. Next up is the spectacular GN Spyder, which held the record the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb in 1926.)

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