MAY 21st 2014

G‑S00A leaves Goodwood; replacement to be revealed at FoS

The Goodwood aviation fleet is mid-change right now. G-S00A, one of five Garmin 1000 Cessna 172S aircrafts, left us recently so that it can be replaced by a vintage 150hp Piper Super Cub. The Cessna has been with us since 2009, amassing 1600 flying hours in the meantime. It has now gone to fly in the skies over mainland Europe.

The imminent arrival of the Cub, which is currently being restored and will make its debut at the Festival of Speed, will add to the diversity of the fleet. This means the Goodwood Flying School can offer a choice of aircraft to existing training students to enhance their skills and enable the completion of an extremely well rounded PPL (private pilot licence), and also enables conversion training opportunities for new and existing self-fly hire customers.

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Alongside the modern Cessnas, the Super Cub offers an ‘old school’ flying experience. This iconic, lightweight aircraft has two seats, and stick and rudder operation. Cubs accounted for more US Airforce basic training during World War Two than any other type, and ours served with the Dutch airforce.

In readiness for the Festival of Speed launch, it is currently being restored by experienced historic plane specialist Mark Masters. He’s working in close liaison with Goodwood Aircraft Engineering and Goodwood Flying School who have provided their specifications for the build. These early rebuild photos show progress to date; GRR is hoping to visit Mark later in the process to bring an update prior to FoS. Watch this space…

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