MAY 20th 2014

Thrill yourself on the Peugeot Gravity Drop

Join Peugeot in reaching new heights and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views on their thrilling Festival stand. The Peugeot Gravity Drop will take you 50ft up, where you’ll have a brief chance to enjoy the view before you’re plunged back down to earth. Peugeot’s brand signature is ‘motion and emotion’, and they reckon you’ll experience both on the Gravity Drop!

Once you’re back on terra firma, you’ll be able to explore the other highlights of the Peugeot stand.

The Exalt Concept Car will be on show in the UK for the first time, just back from making its debut at the Beijing Motor Show. Its forward-looking appearance uses hybrid technology to combine the highly-efficient 270bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine from the RCZ R with a 70bhp electric motor creating an all-in 340bhp vehicle.

Also on display will be the 308 R Concept, which would point the way to hot hatches of the future, and the 208 Hybrid FE Concept which, as the name alludes to, is said to combine ‘Fun’ with ‘Economy’.

For an instant hit of fun, book your fast-track pass for the Peugeot Gravity Drop now.

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