JUN 06th 2014

Alfa Romeo 750 Competizione; what might have been...

By the time the Alfa 750 Competizione was built in 1955, Alfa’s racing heyday had sadly been and gone. In fact, strictly speaking, the Milanese firm had stopped producing racing cars altogether in the early-Fifties.

The existence of the pretty little 750 is due wholly to the engineer’s efforts to return Alfa Romeo to its successful competition roots. Sadly, they failed, and only two Competiziones were built before the project was shelved due to excessive teething problems, and a lack of focus from a board which was beginning to make a success of the whole mainstream-production-car thing.

This is a real shame, because looking at its design the engineers were serious about making this car a success on the track; a boxed pressed-steel ‘platform’ chassis was joined to the stunning Boano-built body to form a unitary construction. It could have been a contender, but the decision was made to produce only road cars and Alfa’s glorious racing days were finally consigned to the past.

Only one of these cars is believed to be in full working order, and thanks to the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese you’ll be able to see it running at the Festival of Speed. It’s been here before, in fact, so we know it’s a crowd-pleaser!

Not surprising really, as apart from the gorgeous red bodywork it runs a 1488cc version of the Giulietta motor which screams all the way to 8000rpm and produces 145bhp. That’s almost 100bhp per litre… in 1955!

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