JUN 20th 2014

Bell helicopter on display at the Festival of Speed

Here’s a photo of the latest addition to the Goodwood Road and Racing fleet, which we’re looking forward to taking to Monaco for the Grand Prix next year.

We wish…

It’s actually a PR shot from Bell Helicopter, which shows their 429 model in its natural luxurious environment. The eight-passenger heli’ ensures the greatest possibly luxury and, we’re told, terrific hovering ability. Which is presumably just what you’ll be hoping for when lining up a landing site on the poop deck.

The Bell team will also display a mock-up of the new-for-2014 505 JetRanger X which made its debut at the Heli-Expo in California earlier this year and is now on a tour of Europe. It has already proved popular with over 200 orders having been placed, we’re told, so the real thing will soon be a familiar sight in the air.

The five-passenger machine is capable of 125 knots, has a range of 360 nautical miles and has a 1500lb load capacity. Hopefully we’ll bring you a closer look at both these whirly-birds during FoS itself.

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