JUN 27th 2014

Bonhams clears £22.6 million in FoS sale

As expected, the ex-Frolian Gonzalez Ferrari 375-Plus was the big-hitter at Bonhams’ annual Festival of Speed sale. £10.7 million was the price paid by a bidder in the room once the gavel had fallen.

However, despite the ex-Scuderia car’s hefty price tag, it had a sturdy contender for a share of the limelight in the form of the 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400  ‘Periscopica’  which scorched to £953,500; a world record for an example of the earliest form of the model. Bear in mind that barely six weeks ago in Bonhams’ Greenwhich sale in the States, a similar car went for a then-record £700,000 and some change…

Another big-hitter was the veteran 1902 DeDietrich. With sound provenance, including a tale about it surviving a World War 2 bombing raid, it just failed to scrape a million at £998,300.

The total value of the sale ended up at £22.6 million. Not bad for four hour’s work! Full results will be released shortly.

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