JUN 28th 2014

Felipe Massa and championship‑winning Williams FW18 meet at FoS


Austrian GP pole-man Felipe Massa arrived at FoS today looking forward to a run up the hillclimb in Damon Hill’s world championship winning Williams FW18.

It was touch and go to start with, as a technical hitch meant the car missed its start slot. A leaky fuel tank was to blame, but it had already been diagnosed the night before and a typical F1-style commitment to F1 ingenuity and burning the midnight oil saw a temporary fix being applied in time for the iconic FW18 to run later in the morning.

Watch the video to see Felipe talking about Goodwood and his prospects in the F1 championship this year – and don’t forget Damon himself will be back in the very same car on Sunday. That moment could make some of us quite emotional!




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