JUN 08th 2014

Ford Capri RS 3100 'Cologne': Batmobile's Nemesis

The Capri RS is always one of the most crowd-pleasing cars at historic race meetings. People can’t get enough either of the banshee wail produced by the screaming Cosworth GAA V6 motor, or that distinctive be-flared styling. Historic race engineering firm JD Classics reckon they get asked by pro drivers to drive their RS more than any other of their competition machines, which is saying something …

The fearsome 455bhp race-only RS 3100 Capris were produced to combat the might of the BMW 3.0CSL in the European Touring Car Championship after some clever interpretation of the regulations meant that the Bavarian outfit could enter cars of 3.5 litres. When the BMWs turned up with enormous ‘Batmobile’ rear wings, there was nothing for it but for Ford to roll up their sleeves and revise the Capri to such an extent that the RS3100 barely resembled the RS2600 which went before it.

Ironically, neither the Capri nor the BMW won the 1974 European Touring Car Championship, and both factory efforts were canned. However, in three weeks time at this year’s Festival of Speed, visitors will once again be treated to the distinctive sight and sound of an RS Capri being hustled up the hillclimb course. All we need now is a ‘Batmobile’ BMW CSL for it to fight with!

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