JUN 07th 2014

Honda RA272: The sound of power

The RA272 wasn’t the first Honda entered in to Grand Prix racing. It wasn’t even the second, although it does have the important distinction of being the first Honda ever to win a Grand Prix; the 1965 Mexico event in the hands of American Richie Ginther.

Its complicated jewel of a V12 motor was by far the most powerful on the grid, apparently producing 230bhp, and it could rev safely to a dizzying 14,000rpm. That Honda could build a superb engine wasn’t in doubt. The problem was, it was more than a little weighty, which led to some slightly unwieldy handling characteristics.

Still, when it appears at this year’s Festival of Speed with Gabriele Tarquini at the wheel, it will be performing demonstration runs which will give FoS-goers the chance to hear what has been described by many as one of the best-sounding engines ever made.

Oh… and loud… it’s really loud!

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