JUN 16th 2014

Is the Nissan 2020 Vision the GTR of the future?

Nissan is the latest manufacturer to show its Gran Turismo Vision concept, and it has taken the opportunity to show us what a GTR might look like by 2020. Still a 2+2, it has a much more sophisticated shape than the current coupe – although it does manage to show some cues from today’s showroom model.

Could it be a hint at the reality of the future? Possibly, although we guess it would be a little toned down for production. The 2020 concept was styled by Nissan Design Europe in London, but it gained such momentum within Nissan that even the Technical Centre in Atsugi, Japan, lent its support. So maybe it does show the way forward?

Gamers will be able to download the Vision 2020 from July… and who knows whether Nissan will create a concept car for real. Stay tuned…

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