JUN 25th 2014

Kabul to FoS... 4660 hard motorcycle miles for Mission Motorsport

Chris Short will have been in the saddle of his motorcycle for a gruelling 4660 miles by the time he arrives at the Festival of Speed on Friday… which puts the A27 snarl-up near Chichester into perspective. Of that mileage, 1500 has already been through tough desert terrain and, on arrival in England, he will have powered on through no fewer than 17 countries in 32 days. _IL_5628 copy Chris is a former Royal Marine who was injured in service.

His enormous journey from Kabul, Afghanistan, is to raise awareness of a charity close to his heart – Mission Motorsport, which helps ex-servicemen find employment within the motorsport industry. The trip acts as a metaphor for the struggle that returning to civilian life can be, but is also a huge inspiration. K2K, as the timed trip has been called, is so called as it started in Kabul and will end at the Kennels here at Goodwood, which is the clubhouse that is home to the Goodwood Road Racing Club. Chris became member of the GRRC in 2009, so he’s no stranger to the place. The fact that he’s due to arrive in the midst of the Festival of Speed is a happy coincidence… and guarantees him a huge welcoming party.

Chris isn’t alone on his epic trip. Domenic Senger-Schenck is a support driver in a Toyota Land Cruiser, while documentary film-maker is capturing the trip on camera. You can see a clip below, which gives just a snapshot of what a dangerous and difficult journey it has been. Reports mid-trip suggested that the eight days needed to cross the ’Stans were ‘the most gruelling off-road riding imaginable’, a point exacerbated by often camping in the open on the roadside. Meanwhile, delays in Kazakhstan led the team to cover 1000km on day 28. Arrival on the Friday of FoS is a tall order… You can make a donation to the trip here.

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