JUN 21st 2014

'King of the Mountain' McGuinness returns to FoS

Last month on the Isle of Man, John McGuinness finished first in the TT Zero race to win his 21st TT. Officially the second most successful rider ever around the TT course, the genial, straight-talking Lancastrian has earned himself the title of ‘King of the Mountain’ in reference to the fearsome mountain section of the revered island circuit.

After the 2014 TT most observers were, quite reasonably, wondering whether McGuinness could match the late, great Joey Dunlop’s record of 25 TT wins. We were doing the same of course, but also were hoping that the Morecambe Missile would confirm his attendance again at FoS. Well, he’s coming!

Once again he’ll be treating us to a close-up of his riding style aboard his beloved Honda CBR1000 RR (better known as the Fireblade) as he swaps the mountain of the Isle of Man for the hill at Goodwood.

As a bonus, we’ll also get a chance to see the fearless road racer try his hand at piloting the ex-Mick Grant 1979 Honda RS1000. Bear in mind that in Grant’s day horsepower wasn’t so much of a problem, unlike handling. So, with around 150bhp on tap but with relatively primitive frame and fork technology, this could be quite a spectacle!


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