JUN 27th 2014

'King' Richard Petty and '67 Belvedere in action for the first time since ‑ forever!

The year is 1967 and Richard Petty is dominating NASCAR – winning 27 of 48 fixtures and earning himself the nickname ‘King Richard’ in the process. His ’67 season included a NASCAR record-breaking 10 wins in a row, and he won the NASCAR championship seven times in all.

Petty actually spent the first half (ish) of the 1967 in a hemi-powered 1966 Belvedere GTX, updating the car mid-season. So this is the car he used for the second half of the ’67 season which, after its glorious campaign, made its way to the Richard Petty Museum. And that’s where it has been sitting until a new battery was purchased and…

…here it is in glorious, thundering life on the hillclimb at Goodwood. Enjoy the video!

Photography: Richard Pardon

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