JUN 20th 2014

LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg One:1, and Porsche 918, all in one place....

… and that’s just for starters!

Yes, you read that right. At this year’s Festival of Speed you’ll be able to see and hear the La Ferrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and Koenigsegg One:1 all running up the hill. That’s 4037bhp for starters. Not bad, eh? Arguably the four most desirable cars on the planet at the moment will be on display in the Michelin Supercar Paddock for all four days, and will be driving up the hill on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Hypercars not your thing? We’ve got you covered… If you like your high-performance to be a little more practical and accessible (well, relatively speaking!) how about the stunning new Lamborghini Huracan, here making its dynamic debut? Or perhaps the BMW i8 Hybrid, also being driven at a public event for the first time in the UK? Then there’s the Ferrari California T, F12 Berlinetta, and 458 Speciale for Prancing Horse fans, and Lotus Exige V6 Cup, Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, Bentley V8S, and Jaguar F-Type Coupe R if you prefer a British flavour. Those who have a penchant for the more rarefied supercars will be catered for by the likes of the GTA Spano, Trident Iceni, Arash AF8, and Sin R1.

802645_McLaren P1 Bahrain-445done

We could, quite happily, go on and on about the cars running in the Michelin Supercar Run, but put simply this will be one of the finest selections of contemporary supercars assembled anywhere on the planet this year. Oh, and did we mention that a good number of them will be competing to see which is quickest up the hill?

You lucky, lucky people!




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