JUN 27th 2014

Mad Mike Whiddett smokes out the Goodwood hill (with video)

If you’re familiar with Mad Mike Whiddett’s work, you’ll know that he made spectacular progress up the Goodwood hill. As one of the world’s leading (if not the leading) lights in the ever-growing sport of drifting, he and his Mazda RX-7 were always going to make their way up the hill making maximum smoke. Mike didn’t disappoint… sideways almost everywhere and plenty of tyre smoke made this one of the most crowd-pleasing runs of the day.

The RX-7 has just had a cosmetic refresh before being shipped to Goodwood from the other side of the world (Mike is from New Zealand) and its highly-tuned four-rotor engine is still as healthy as ever with 530bhp. Not that outright power is the issue with a drift car: more important is the balance between power and (lack of) grip. More important to us spectators than the output is the noise. You need to hear the thing to believe it.

Fortunately, you can do just that with the video below…

Photography: Richard Pardon

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