JUN 27th 2014

Maserati's 100th birthday present to itself... it beats a telegram

Ten years after the first MC12 was built to homologate Maserati’s racing efforts, the company has just built a very special one-off to celebrate its centenary at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Using a spare chassis that was still in the factory, assembly of the MC12 Goodwood Cent 100 only began this year… around 95 percent of the parts are new.

What makes the car special – aside from the fact it adds to the existing production run of 50 road cars and 25 racers – is its one-off paint job. The car is decorated with artistic paintings of Maserati’s motorsport glories: Stirling Moss in a 250F, the MC12 FIA GT cars and even an outline of the Goodwood hillclimb route feature. It also has its distinctive silver-and-black Festival of Speed race number painted on, rather than the usual adhesive decal.

The MC12 borrowed heavily from the Ferrari Enzo and marked Maserati’s return to motorsport after a 37-year break. In its first season in FIA GT GT1, there was some debate about the car’s homologation so no points were awarded in early rounds. Despite that, it finished the championship in the seventh. No such issues during the 2005 season when Maserati won the manufacturer’s cup. By 2010, the MC12 was still winning: it took the crown in the inaugural FIA GT1 World Championship.

If you’ve seen the MC12 Goodwood Cent 100 blasting up the hill, make sure you get up close to it in the paddock for a close look at the paintwork. And if you can’t do that, enjoy our gallery.

Photography: Richard Pardon

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