JUN 30th 2014

Mercedes‑Benz 'de‑prangs' 500SL Rallye and returns it to the fray at FoS

Mercedes-Benz 500SL Rallye

It is an unfortunate matter of fact that accidents do happen in motorsport. Mercedes-Benz found this out when their muscular 500SL Rallye had something of an altercation with the straw bales at Molecombe corner at the weekend.

Piloted by Roland Asch, the car was damaged on the notorious blind, off-camber left-hander that’s part of the Fos Hillclimb. The temporary crash barriers did their job perfectly, but caused damage to the SL which would normally have precluded further appearances.

In true rallying spirit Michael Bock, head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, was not to be put off by some creased panels. Determined that the car would once again take to the Hillclimb, the M-B crew moved the SL into one of their large transporters, anchored the front of the car to something very heavy and reversed away until the nose looked something akin to its old self.

The surgery worked, and Mr Asch was once again free to charge up the hill, and even perform some power-sliding for the appreciative fans at the top. We reckon the handsome 500SL Rallye looked super-tough even with its re-arranged front-end – and full respect to the team for demonstrating ‘the right stuff’!

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