JUN 09th 2014

Piper Cub restoration: It might look the same, but progress is being made...

With its debut at FoS rapidly approaching, Goodwood Aviation’s Piper Cub restoration is continuing apace. In the one photo here, it does admittedly look rather similar to our previous update, but plenty has been going on behind the scenes. And it’s not just aviation general manager (and former chief engineer) Rob Wildeboer’s children, aged 6 and 9, who have given us that reassurance!

All the required parts have been sourced and are on their way, the fuselage is ready to be painted and the wings are currently being covered. Elsewhere, the engine is being built and the instrument panel is being assembled… pretty soon, it will all come together. It looks like a lot of work to us, but it’s in capable hands.

We’re looking forward to seeing it at FoS – not least because it will bear a registration close our hearts: G-GRRC. We’ll have another update for you pre-FoS, by which time it will hopefully looking a lot more like a plane…

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