JUN 23rd 2014

Surtees and Kimi: Ferrari formation of world champions

A never-before-seen spectacle will take place at the Festival of Speed on Sunday. Two world championship winning Ferrari drivers will ascend the hill in formation in the cars they won their respective titles in – John Surtees in his 1964 Ferrari 158 and Kimi Räikkönen in his 2007 Ferrari F2007. It marks 50 years since Surtees claimed his title, which historically made him a world championship in two wheels and four – an achievement that remains unique today.

Surtees’ first race was in the sidecar of his father’s Vincent, but they were disqualified when officials found out that John was just 14 years old. Like Kimi, John won his championship in his first season with Ferrari.

The spectacle will be orchestrated by Shell, the company that supplied fuel and lubricants to both championship-winning cars. Shell was one of Ferrari’s first ever technical partners, way back in 1930.

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