JUN 29th 2014

Video: Lewis Hamilton indulges in tyre shred‑fest

RP - Drivers (1 of 1)1234We had of an inkling from previous form that the life of Lewis Hamilton’s rear Pirelli P-Zeros would be measured in minutes. We were right.

Lewis is a firm FoS favourite, and he didn’t disappoint us with his performance at Goodwood today. After a quick chat with Jennie Gow he was off up the hill in full crowd-pleasing mode in the Mercedes-Benz FW03 – only to be offered some tips on even better donuts by stunt driver Terry Grant on arrival at the summit.

But we reckon he’s got it nailed, wouldn’t you say?

Watch the video of John Surtees and Kimi Raikkonen drive up the hill together in their respective championship-winning Ferrari grand prix cars here

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