JUN 19th 2014

Video: Pre‑FoS launch teaser for hot Range Rover Sport

If you can’t beat spy shot photographers, you might as well join them. That seems to be the prevailing attitude amongst some manufacturers; Mercedes has already shown a teaser video of its new AMG GT, and now Range Rover is giving us a fleeting – very fleeting – glimpse of its hot Range Rover Sport.

Actually, the spy shot photographers still got there first. Pictures circulating as long ago as March revealed the sportier Sport’s big air intakes, upgraded brakes a quad exhaust pipes. Jaguar is assisting with development of this performance model (while Range Rover personnel are working with Jaguar on its forthcoming SUV), so expect the same 550bhp V8 we get in the likes of the F-Type R and XJR.

So what can we glean from Range Rover’s own teaser? Not a lot really, which is often the way with these things. Simply that the car is being developed at the Nürburgring and that it will be fast. There’s a bit of in-car footage of the ‘Ring that could have been filmed from almost anything. Oh, and if you pause the video at just the right moment you have a look at a camouflaged blur of it passing a static camera. It looks quick, though.

The first chance to see the car will be at its world debut at FoS. It will still be in camouflage and will be stored in a packing crate when it’s not in action… so this really will be its box-fresh, ‘sneak preview’ public appearance.

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