JUN 13th 2014

Want to see BMW's hybrid sports car in action? You can at FoS

The Festival of Speed provides an opportunity to see many brand new sports cars for the very first time… and, quite often, they’re even put through their paces on the Goodwood hill. One of the cars we’re looking forward to seeing for the first time in the UK this year is the BMW i8.

A £99,000 sports car with a three-cylinder engine is a whole new proposition and, while we have driven it at launch, the chance to see it for the first time in the UK is one to relish. Of course, that 1.5-litre turbocharged three-cylinder that powers the rear wheels isn’t alone. It’s accompanied by an electric motor that drives the front wheels, and can be driven for 23 miles on silent electric power only at speeds of up to 74mph.

Not bad for what will surely become known as an ‘EV’ as electric vehicles become more popular, but for the run up the hill the hybrid’s full 362bhp will undoubtedly be deployed. In that guise, it’s capable of 0-62mph in 4.4sec and 155mph, although the latter figure might not quite be realised.

Mind you, if we get to drive it we’ll give it a good go! Unless, of course, BMW insists that it travels up the hill on electrical power …


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