JUL 11th 2014

Porsche 918 and Marc Lieb: Nurburgring record‑holders reunited at FOS

Porsche brought the spectacular 918 Spyder hybrid and Marc Lieb to FoS, reuniting the car and driver pairing that set the latest Nurburgring production car record a year ago.

It all led to plenty of speculation at Goodwood that Porsche was going to have a crack at the FoS Supercar Shootout title, but in the event Porsche decided that setting an ‘electric only’ time would be the goal. So we still don’t know how fast the car might have been up the hillclimb, and Nissan clinched the 2014 title with the GTR.

But it was great to see the pair here nonetheless… and maybe we’ll get a proper timed run next year?


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