JUL 21st 2014

Snapper's selection: Jochen Van Cauwenberge at FoS

Born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1974 Jochen Van Cauwenberge has been passionate about motorsport since he was a child. And approximately 10  years ago he changed tracks and gave up his job as an automotive software engineer to become a freelance motorsport photographer.

Johen Van Cauwenberge

He is one of Belgium’s most internationally published motorsport photographers, working all over Europe, mostly in Germany, the UK, Spain and Portugal.

His work is published under the name of Frozenspeed, as it is the perfect summary of his mission: to capture the sensation of speed in a time frozen image. You could say is the most challenging paradox to a photographer.

When he is not working, Jochen can be found on the race track himself, and he believes his deep understanding of motorsport and automotive technology are a vital cornerstone to his success.

He remains a freelancer by choice, so there are no compromises or limits to his work and clientele, progress and future potential.

Jochen has been working for the Goodwood photo library since 2010 covering the Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival and this year the Members’ Meeting. The gallery here are his highlights from 2014’s FoS.

Why not take a look through the galleries on his site here?

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