JUL 08th 2014

Video: Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Audi, Rover, Ford in battle of classic touring cars

What is it about classic touring cars that create such a spectacle? Is it the familiarity of the shapes, or the nostalgia of memorable racing, or the noise? Whatever it is, this year’s Festival of Speed was a treat for fans of any sort of tin-top racing – BTCC, NASCAR, WTCC, even wild silhouette racers like the extraordinary Aston Martin in this video.

The Aston is joined by a host of others in this video, such as the Alan Mann Ford Escort, a screaming BMW 3.0l CSL ‘Batmobile’, a pretty Alfa Romeo Giulia and even a purposeful looking Audi.

Of course there was a competitive element to the preceedings at the FoS; hence the mere whisker’s width between Anthony Reid in the Aston Martin and the notorious Flint Wall – the video is worth a watch for that moment alone.

He did, we must confess, get even closer later on…

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