JUL 15th 2014

Video exclusive: Porsche to run 16‑cylinder 917 engine again at Goodwood!

We can keep this one under our hats no longer; at the Festival of Speed, Porsche Museum Director Klaus Bischof announced exclusively to Goodwood Road & Racing that the almost-mythical Porsche 16 cylinder race engine is to be run again for the first time in public at Goodwood.

Porsche 917 16

Being such a busy chap he wasn’t able to specify which Festival of Speed will see the mighty engine run before a crowd for the first time in around 45 years, but confirmed it will be either 2015 or 2016.

Before Porsche chose to pursue the turbocharging route to big horsepower for its Can-Am racing effort it briefly entertained the idea of an enormous atmospheric motor, and the 7.6 litre giant you can see in the video was what they came up with. Engineer and driver Mark Donohue reckoned that with turbocharging they could be looking at 2000bhp from it, but it was not to be. Donohue then helped Porsche to develop turbocharged engines, Can Am success followed (who can ever forget the sight of Donohue in the 917-30?), and then Porsche took their turbocharged know-how to Le Mans. Apparently, there they picked up the odd pot or two …

Porsche 917 16

News that Porsche is to run the big 16-potter again will excite fans the world over.  Take a look at the video to see Herr Bischof’s revelation for yourself, and then keep an eye on Goodwood Road & Racing for an update from Stuttgart as to when you’ll be able to hear the engine run in person.

We just hope they run the thing up the hill …


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