JUL 31st 2014

Video: FoS Hillclimb in around 9 seconds!

Sadly, we can’t report that someone has beaten Nick Heidfeld’s 1999 Hillclimb record at the Festival of Speed by 32.6 seconds. At least, not officially …

However we were given the opportunity to go aloft in a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter courtesy of Aviation Exhibition sponsors Midair to witness Sqn Ldr Dave Piper (retired) as he attempted to follow the famous course through the Goodwood estate from above, in a Hawker Hunter jet, with an English Electric Canberra for company during the aerobatic display which followed the run.

The idea was to shatter the record, which Midair Squadron owner Mike Davis reckoned to be far too tardy. Not surprisingly the Hunter managed it, but try as we might the timekeepers wouldn’t mark it down as official.

Watching the two jets climb, dive and roll over the Goodwood estate as we sat idly by hovering at around 2000 feet was a bizarre place to find ourselves and it gave us an incredible view of FoS which we’d strongly recommend that you take-in for yourselves next year.

We reckon that we can identify all the cars on the hillclimb course. How many can you spot?

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