JUL 24th 2014

Video: One‑off Mazda RX500 makes its first visit to the UK

For several years, those who source the cars for the Cartier Style et Luxe concours at the Festival of Speed have been trying to secure the appearance of the wild rotary powered Mazda RX-500 concept car from 1970. For the 2014 event, it finally made its very first appearance in UK, arriving just before the event and leaving immediately after. If you missed it at FoS, you missed it in the UK!

Goodwood Road & Racing‘s Andy Craig meets the highly knowledgeable Gary Axon – one of those tasked with finding the cars for the concours – to talk about this most elusive and exciting of motor show concept cars. And once you’ve enjoyed that, you can see more in our detailed RX-500 photo gallery here.

We want one, but there is only one so we can’t have it…

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