JUL 01st 2014

Video: Watch Loeb and Citroen DS3 WRC attack the Fos Rally Stage

You don’t win nine World Rally Championships in succession without being  rather handy at the wheel of a rally car.  That Sebastien Loeb is also adept (to say the least) driving on a circuit with wings and slicks makes us just a tad jealous.

How’s this for a close-up look at the great man’s style on the loose stuff in a Citroen DS3 WRC as he attacks the Goodwood Rally Stage at FoS? Tony Jardine, Brian Champion, and Henry Hope provide the commentary, and some fascinating insights.

It’s hard enough being inch-perfect on tarmac, but watch Loeb barrelling past the straw bales on the rally stage. Fag paper, anyone?

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