SEP 05th 2014

Video: 1923 GN Spider at FoS

The Festival of Speed always showcases a rich variety of cars; from vintage chain-driven fodder to contemporary Grand Prix machines and everything in between. Today’s subject comes from the former camp of exposed valve-gear, no seat belts or harnesses, oil leaks, pulleys, tensioners, and charm by the mile. Oh and in this case no brake pedal …

What we’re looking at here folks is the remarkable, and surprisingly quick, 1923 GN Spider. It belongs to David Leigh and was a very successful hillclimb car in its day which David had known about and indeed hankered-after since before he could drive.

Take a look at the video to learn about how he came to own the car and see some close-ups of the amazing array of chains, pulleys, and tensioners, then watch it twitch, slide and power its way up the Goodwood hill at an incredible rate of knots. Look out also for how David has to slow it down without a brake pedal!

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