NOV 23rd 2015

Video: 134mph on a Corvette‑engined Lawn Mower!

The sight of men and women hurling lawnmowers around sections of the British countryside in the name of motorsport is still something that captures the imagination. And this despite the fact that the British Lawn Mower Racing Association has been established since 1973…

NASCAR Bryant Promo

Although bouncing through a field on such a machine is nothing new, the spectacle of one travelling at very high speeds is still considered a pretty neat trick. Take this video for example. In it we get to see some people from Norwegian lawnmower manufacturer VIKING setting a new world record on a runway somewhere south of Oslo. The new speed to beat? 134mph.

VIKING had some help from the Norwegian Motorsports Federation and partners Stihl (they of chainsaw fame) in the pursuit of this terrifying record, and at one point the conditions looked to have brought the attempt to a close, but in the end Finnish driver Pekka Lundefaret came through saying: ‘I can’t believe that we managed to set this world record despite less-than-ideal weather conditions. I would like to thank everyone who supported this crazy idea.’

World's fastest lawnmower

Describing the idea as merely ‘crazy’ seems a tad modest. After all, the plan was to shoehorn a Chevrolet LS V8 motor (very similar to a C6 Corvette lump) into a modified VIKING T6 Series lawn tractor complete with mowing deck and grass catcher. Oh and yes, in order to go for the record the vehicle still had to be able to cut grass. The addition of a set of Formula Three tyres and an F1 paddle shift completed the setup, although as the video suggests the act of keeping over 400 angry horses going in a straight line with such a short wheelbase and on a wet surface was far from simple.

Anybody not want to see this thing attack the hillclimb course at FoS

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