NOV 04th 2015

Video: BJ Baldwin's 800bhp Trophy Truck on the Street in Las Vegas!

So excited were we earlier this year when Monster Energy and BJ Baldwin announced that they’d be accepting our invitation to FoS that we hopped straight on a plane and visited the home of Baldwin Motorsports in Las Vegas to celebrate.

BJ Baldwin FoS Land Rover

Things went well. After finding out more about his Trophy Trucks and his workshop we went out for a spin in the very Chevy truck he used in both his ‘viral’ Recoil videos and subsequently at FoS. This ended up with BJ making truly epic volumes of noise and smoke outside his workshop in Las Vegas. The thing is though, there was a bit more to our little drive than just that …

In order for the truck to do its thing correctly it was necessary for BJ to drive it around the block a few times to get some heat in the tyres and the brakes. We thought it would be worthwhile to film this exercise on a GoPro, but somewhere between Las Vegas and Goodwood the footage went missing. Pouring over all the clips we recorded on our return revealed nothing from inside the cab of the Chevy, which was a shame to say the very least. However, recently it turned up and since then the GRR office has been itching to share it. Now that 2016 Festival of Speed tickets are on sale it seems like the right time.

BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck on the Road

BJ had warned us that he was going to ‘drive around a bit’ to get the truck ready for action, but we simply didn’t expect what happened next.

After several vigorous applications of the enormous brakes they began to come to life, but BJ had still to get the tyres to see things his way. To do this we embarked on what can only be described as a full-on thrashathon on the streets around Baldwin Motorsport‘s Las Vegas workshop. In it, BJ showed us just how a Trophy Truck the size of Devon and with knobbly off-road tyres can, in fact, turn on the proverbial sixpence and hold some insane angles of slide. The man is simply astonishing behind the wheel of this machine, torturing its tyres as they warm up and let out a banshee-wail of protest.     

Then, with the truck ready to rock n’ roll, BJ returned to his premises and proceeded to do donuts around a member of his staff who was filming at the same time as minding that he didn’t get run over!

Fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed …

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