NOV 20th 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ World Superbike Madness

So it’s the final round of the season and you’ve already sewn-up the 1997 World Superbike Championship. However, the runners spot is still up for grabs and it’s between Carl Fogarty on a Ducati and Aaron Slight, your team mate, on a Honda …

Honda NSX promo

Going into the last lap of the penultimate race (there were two races per meeting) your team mate is right on your shoulder. Then he gets past you. At this point the top brass at Honda are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a one-two in the rider’s championship, shutting out fierce rivals Ducati whose rider Carl Fogarty is in third.

Happy days, then. The thing is though you’re not a fan of Slight’s after the Kiwi passed you on the last lap at Hockenheim earlier in the season. Also, you don’t just want to win the championship, you want to take as many wins as possible too. So what you do is go for one of the most ambitious moves of the season, which you manage to pull-off brilliantly even though you’re centimetres away from making contact and wiping both works Hondas out.

World Superbike Sentul 1997

You win the race, Slight finishes second (and therefore third overall in the championship), and the Honda people are extremely unhappy. They don’t want you to ride for them again and, having upset Ducati when you rode for them in 1996 you have nowhere to go except MotoGP. Things don’t work out there and after a couple of very ordinary seasons you’re effectively retired.

Then, after you’ve almost been forgotten about in the world of racing you happen to sell your house to a rap star for a reported 400% profit. This leads to a number of other real estate deals, usually in Beverly Hills, and not so far down the line your income rivals the GDP of a small country.

Welcome then to the crazy world of John Kocinski …

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