NOV 04th 2015

Video: How to Drive (Fly?) a Stadium Truck

It’s turning into a bit of an impromptu truck day here at GRR. First we shared with you the incredible footage of BJ Baldwin driving his Trophy Truck on the streets of Las Vegas, and now we’ve unearthed this breathtaking clip of Paul Morris and Matt Brabham giving it eleven-tenths around Auralia’s Surfers Paradise circuit.

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Visitors to this year’s Festival of Speed will not be strangers to either phenomenon: Robby Gordon wowed anyone who saw him manhandle his Stadium Truck while BJ Baldwin’s Chevy was a sturdy contender for ‘Car of the Event’.

Despite sharing a similar appearance on the face of it, both vehicles are dramatically different, as BJ Baldwin explained when we met up with him in Las Vegas. Quite simply the Stadium Truck is around half the size and weight and is far more agile. Of course, where it doesn’t do so well is being thrashed to within an inch of its life for up to 18 hours across rough desert terrain. For that you need Mr Baldwin’s machine …

Stadium Trucks Gold Coast

Stadium Trucks are for circuit racing, like in the clip we have here. What spices things up though is the introduction of jumps which the trucks have to negotiate as part of a lap! Seriously! As a result, with an action camera mounted to the back of a truck that’s being chased closely you’re treated to the kind of views that no other form of motorsport can offer. Three-wheeling out of corners? Check. Hitting a ramp and landing mere centimetres off the bumper of the truck you’re chasing? Check again.

But please, we’re begging you, don’t take our word for it. Race action doesn’t get much more spectacular than this.

Will there be Trophy Trucks and Stadium Trucks at FoS next year? Watch this space to find out.

Okay. Sitting comfortably …?

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