FEB 20th 2015

NASCAR 2015 is go! Consider our FoS appetite whetted.

This weekend sees the launch of the new NASCAR season in North America as the thundering circus descends upon Daytona International Speedway in Florida. Proof that they like to do things bigger in the States can be found in the entry list, which contains the names of 42 drivers!

Being spoiled rotten as we are motorsport-wise in the UK, with many venues at which to watch F1, MotoGP, WEC, WRC, World and British Superbikes and the BTCC (not to mention of course the 73rd Members’ Meeting, FoS and the Revival! ), NASCAR rarely gets that much attention. However, when NASCAR comes to the Festival of Speed it’s obvious from fans’ reactions that the sight, sound, colour and ground-shaking action provided by the cars and some of their celebrated pilots is hugely appreciated.


Last year at FoS was a strong one for NASCAR, with a broad selection of cars and drivers never delivering anything less than 100 percent entertainment. ‘The King’ Richard Petty was in attendance and did Goodwood the great honour of hauling his 1967 Plymouth Belvedere out of retirement. Joining the Plymouth from the yesteryear ranks were an ex-Junior Johnson Chevrolet Impala and a 1965 Ford Galaxie, while the modern generation was represented by the likes of Michael Waltrip, Max Papis and Kerry Earnhardt in contemporary machinery. And who can forget some of the burnouts?


Yes, last year was a memorable FoS for NASCAR fans, and as such it’s reasonable to ask how we’re going to follow it. Well as much as we’re dying to spill the beans about who and what will be serving up the NASCAR action this year… we can’t. At least, not yet. Sorry! However, what we can tell you is that we’re far from finished with loud, powerful plus-size racers from the States, and intend to follow-up last year’s spectacle in style.

For now though, you’ll have to make-do with the gallery at the top of the page showing some of the great NASCAR machinery at FoS from the last 10 years… oh and there’s Sunday’s race at Daytona to look forward to as well!

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